Historical products

Since 1860 our company has been in the development, the production and the selling of latching products: Our roots and our history are important to us and therefore we manufacture some our products still for many decades.

Our history has made us who we are today:

A lock manufacturer since 150 years with a conviction and a passion for closing systems.
In the course of being in business for many years D. La Porte has manufactured and sold many different products. Most parts that we have manufactured since 1950 are still produced and sold yet today.

On the following pages you will see the historical lock products which we still offer in our current product range. Beyond these parts we also produce some products that have not been
assigned to our standard product range, the parts are still produced but only as parts within our historical product range. We not only produce locking systems but also the related components that are used with our products.

We also make other special parts for example hinges and handles from zinc die-cast for high quality washing machines and locking systems for the furniture industry and building doors.
If you can not find a solution to your needs with our standard products wewill work with you to design a solution for your latching needs.



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